Laurie Booth

 LAURIE BOOTH has been involved with the study and training of the human body since graduating from Dartington College in 1977. His work as a choreographer and dancer established him as a leading activist within the emerging post modern dance scene in Europe and the UK. His approach to the training and aesthetics of performance has been seminal to the current generation of dancers who are indebted to his pioneering work in extending the language of dance. His collaboration with artists such as Hans Peter Kuhn, Anish Kapoor, Gavin Bryars and Dj Scanner created an eclectic and powerful body of work. He is a Gyrotonic instructor with a full time studio practice. He is currently working with Mariko Miura Dawson on the representation of the moving body in art. Kinetic Integration Method is his on going research into the science and poetics of human kinetics.


Performance chronology

1954 - Born in London

Studied Theatre Language at Dartington School of Arts.
1985 - 90 Worked with experimental theatre groups before embarking on a career as an independent choreographer and performer:

1985 - Yip Yip Mix and the 20th Centruy (with composer, Philip Jeck)
1985 - A Bone to Pick; Klapstuck Festival Commission in Belgium
1987 - An Axe to Grind; Dance Umbrella Commission
1987 - Andi; a musical for 'Deutsche Schaupielhaus' Hamburg. Co-directed with Peter Zedek1989  Suspect Terrain; Pepsico Summerfare Commission
1990 - Well Known Worlds (with Hans Peter Kuhn)
1990 -  Spatial Decay I & II (with Russel Maliphant and Hans Peter Kuhn) 

Laurie Booth and Company
1991 - New Text/New Kingdom
1992 - Requiair (with Nigel Coates and Hans Peter Kuhn)
1993 - River Run / Alone (solo)
1994 - Wonderlawn;Barclays New Stages Award Winner, premiered at Royal Court Theatre
1995 - Tango Vairations

Laurie Booth Independent
1996 - Storm Garden
1997 - ACT/ual f/ACTual 

Works for other companies include:
1986 - Totally successful Amnesia for   company 'Vorgange'; Salzburg Festival Commission
1987 - Elbow Room Game (for Extemporary Dance Theatre)
1991 - Completely Birdland (for Rambert Dance Company)
1993 - Deep Field Line (for Dutch National Ballet)
1993 - A Little Light Possession (for London Contemporary Dance Performance Group)
1995 - Gotan (for In Toto) 

Awards include:
1984 - Greater London Arts Dance and Mime Award
1990 - A Time Out Dance and Performance Award
1991 - A Digital Dance Award
1994 - A Barclays New Stages Award1996 


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