Oral Histories

We felt the best way to attempt to encapsulate greenroom’s 25 year history was by directly speaking to greenroom artists, audience members and staff for their memories, stories and anecdotes. Oral history differs from other forms of history precisely because it is recorded by and for ordinary people about aspects of life and gives us the chance to hear their stories and in their own voices. Oral history relies on people’s memories. Memories are fluid, changing each time we re-remember something. They are open to suggestion and easily influenced. As such they are not facts, but the remembering and the passing on of those memories is the oldest form of human history ‘making’, through which we learn and participate in our culture.

Over the course of 2009 a team of volunteers carried out a vast number of interviews - in person and on the phone with artists and staff, past and present. The interviews listed below represent the results - a still-growing body of memories, archived to share and pass on into the future so the work may continue to influence and inspire future artists and audiences.