greenroom Future

So, where to from here...?

This project is not complete - by its very nature it never will be complete as the list of artists and shows that have passed through our doors continues to grow and the links and details and videos and images could never be comprehensive.  

Increasing the detail on profiles, adding video and images are high priorities for us, as is tracing the records of the earliest days of our history and really exploiting the ability to link people, shows and companies.  In time we want to visualise this, to create a real, pictorial family tree for greenroom.

We see this as a living archive and one that we want people to get involved in.

If you are an artist or collaborator who has worked at greenroom, please get in touch.

If you are or have been an audience member - we want to hear from you too.

If you are a student or anyone interested in archiving or performance history and would like to work on the project, your contribution would also be invaluable.

We are particularly looking for partners to help us further develop the project - particularly Academic Institutions who might be interested in partnering an archive of this nature - and animators who would be interested in exploring the potential of visualising the data.

So basically - if you are interested in talking to us further and in getting involved contact us at, 0161 615 0515