Audience Stories

greenroomutd’s oral history collection includes a range of interviews from audience members who have attended greenroom since 1983. Collected from a number of different shows to maximise the diversity of histories, here you will find a selection of memories, anecdotes and reflections on the audience’s experiences at greenroom:

VaudeVille is a monthly cabaret event at greenroom that provides a platform for artist's film and new performance. Running for 9 years this show annually presents hundreds of new artists in a lively and anarchic event inspired by The Cabaret Voltaire (Zurich 1913)  VaudeVille takes place on the last Thursday of each month with additional occasional larger showcase events dedicated to a particular artist or theme (‘Big VaudeVille’). This particular VaudeVille was premiering Lonely Creatures in association with Biting Tongues Art Lab and Howard Walmsley, Graham Massey and Ken Hollings and presented a meta work of film, experimental sound and narrative.

21 years since the first Busker show at greenroom, this anniversary event celebrated many different ‘buskers’ - artists and musicians, delivering a spectacular line up of performers. This was an emotional event looking back over nearly a quarter of a century of cultural history, people reconnected after not having seen each other for twenty years alongside tributes to artists who are no longer with us. 

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Arnolfini's former Producer and now Director of In Bewteen Time Productions, Helen Cole has been collecting memories of remarkable performances for a year. We See Fireworks is the beginning of that collection derived from the personal stories of a growing group of international thinkers, artists, writers and audience members. Each audience member was invited in alone to experience a single story. After this short, one-on-one performance, they were taken to another space to add their own memory:

“Think about a performative moment in your life. It can be a ‘proper’ theatre show or a personal encounter, a fleeting glance at a passerby or a story unfolding before you. You choose and describe it to us in your own words. Eventually your voice will join a vast online collection, becoming the material for a changing, touring installation that whispers from the walls of the spaces that we visit.”  Helen Cole.


A selection of stories gathered from a variety of audiences over the course of greenroom's 2009 Autumn season.