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greenroom closed in 2011.

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greenroomutd.org will remain as a legacy project - for enquiries about this site , e-mail info@habarts.org .

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This website is a celebration of just how many artists have shown their work here, and in more recent years, been supported by greenroom.  Amongst those who visited greenroom in the early years of their careers are DV8Forced Entertainment, Blue Man GroupGoat Island, IOU Productions, Akram Khan, Jasmin Vardimon; musicians James and I Am Kloot; as well as comedians Steve Coogan, Alan Carr, Caroline Aherne, John Thomson and Dave Gorman.

"We’re not a big venue so we can take risks on people who are trying something new. And as you can imagine, not everything we invest in becomes legendary – but our skill and experience gives us the ability to spot the best of the fresh and the new. That said, it’s not about new trends – we’re not a fad organisation – it’s about talking to the artists and allowing them to use their integrity to produce what they want to produce. Quite often, we don’t ‘hang on’ to these artists, they move on to other, larger-scale venues. To hang on to these artists would be wrong; what we do is invest in them at the beginning and then watch them fly the nest”.  Garfield Allen, greenroom Artistic Director

Within this website, you will find a listing of almost all the artists and companies to have performed at greenroom over its 25 year history.  This is a huge task and we are trying to be comprehensive, but there is information missing, particularly from the early years where we only have the name under which work was performed to go on (not the list of all the artists involved).   So, if you think that you should be listed and are not, if you think that we have got something wrong or missed something out, or if you would like to give us some more information, images, video, audio, then please do get in touch.  This is intended to be a directory of local, national and international artists; and we are building a picture of the impact that greenroom has had on their careers and on the wider performance ecology.

Whether you know the artist or company name, the year they performed here or the name of the show, you should find greenroomutd.org an easy resource to search for information.

Within the site you can:

Search for people, companies, show titles etc

Flick through identities - names of people, companies and groups, shows, events and festivals etc

Follow associations to the people that have worked together, been in companies, collaborated on shows etc.

Alternatively, scan the vast range of greenroom supported people and work

Listen in to people's recollections and anecdotes of 25 years of greenroom in Oral Histories and Audience Stories.

Or if you are feeling energetic, download a Walking History Tours and retrace our links to Manchester's past.


To add to the database, to amend something, to contribute an interview or to get involved in any way at all, please contact hÅb via info@habarts.org.

We hope you find greenroomutd.org an interesting and useful resource.